Heavy Rotation top speakers


Toubabou “Doudou N’Diaye Et Ses Rosetes” (Indestructible)
Guy Lemaire “Get Up And Boogie” (Danse Bec)
Le Show “Super D.J.” (Sky)
The Erotic Drum Band “Pop Musik” (Glass)
E-Talk Daily Discobreak Edit
The Montreal Sound Part I Megamix featuring: Funk Machine, Krystal,
Kryptonite, Boogie People, Blacklight Orchestra, Bombers and Voggue.
Hydro “Stop Your Teasing” (Unidisc)
Nightlife Unlimited “Peaches & Prunes” (Eskimo)
Gino Soccio “Try It Out” (Celebration)
Baiser “Summer Breeze” Instrumental (Celsius)
Kat Mandu “The Kat Is Back (Let’s Dance)” Instrumental (Manhattan Formula)
L.I.F.E. “You’re All Played Out” Dub Version (J.C.)
The Erotic Drum Band “Sweet Seduction” Instrumental (Matra)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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