Heavy Rotation top speakers


The Montreal Synthesizer Orchestra “Disco Melody Of 77” (Gatsby)
Conquest Of The Stars “Mission To Lyra” (RCA)
The Erotic Drum Band “Love Disco Style” Break (Unidisc)
Diva “Double Trouble” Break (Matra)
Kebekelektrik “War Dance” A Tom Moulton Mix (Salsoul)
Kebekelektrik “Journey Into Love” (Direction)
Fric “Erreur Erotique” Instrumental (Dee Jay)
Arduini “Itchy Witchy” Instrumental (Manhattan Formula)
Peter Batah “Rock Me Now” Instrumental (Unidisc)
Blacklight Orchestra “Midnight Magic” (RCA)
Sarr Band “Magic Mandrake” (Unidisc)
Champagne Explosion “Sexy Changes” (Unidisc)
The Erotic Drum Band “Jerky Rhythm” (Unidisc)
Witch Queen “All Right Now” (Unison)
Voggue “Sun Struck Lovers” Instrumental (Matra)
Vin Zee “Funky Bee-Bop” (Matra)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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