Heavy Rotation top speakers


Johnny Dynell “Nu Throwdown” (Smash Hit)
Crimea X “Liubov” Daniele Baldelli Mix (Hell Yeah)
Gwen Guthrie “Hopscotch” Rotciv Edit (Mister Mistery)
Gazeebo “Gushing Climax” Lou Teti Mix (Community Recordings)
Smoove & Turrell “Beggarman” Crazy P Mix (Jalapeno)
Basement Freaks “Disco Life” (Jalapeno)
Mash & Munkee “Make A Difference” Neighbour Mix (Funk Weapons)
James Curd “Through All This Stuff” Tad Wily Mix (Smash Hit)
Casual Encounters & Baxter “No Limits” Instrumental (Space Walker)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax” Instrumental (Island)
Jean Claude Gavri “There Goes A Supernova” (Coco Bin)
Chris Nemmo “Cendrillon” (Klik)
Incarnations “Punta Paloma” Frisvold & Rune Lindbæk Mix (Love Monk)
Bonar Bradberry “Raum Strasse” Ray Mang Mix (Under The Shade)
Jas Who & Sunshine Jones “Eye 2 Eye” Sunshine’s Mix (Temple)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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