Heavy Rotation top speakers


Trouble Funk “Spin Time” (D.E.T.T.)
Trouble Funk “Live From Washington D.C. Part II” (D.E.T.T.)
Trouble Funk “Good Times” (D.E.T.T.)
Talking Heads “Moon Rocks” Cassette Version (Sire)
The Sound Republic “Party People” (Spatula City)
Bryan Jones “Chicago Jack” The Sound Republic Mix (Control)
The Sound Republic “Insomnia” (Control)
Mario Fabriani “It’s Enough” Joey Youngman Remix (Fetish)
The Sound Republic “Insomnia” Bryan Jones Remix (Control)
Mario Fabriani “Cross Country” (Fetish)
Bryan Jones “Chicago Jack” Joey Youngman Remix (Control)
Leon Louder “Never Had A Chance” (Uma)
Malente “Are Y’All Fired Up?” (Unique)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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