Heavy Rotation top speakers


Sly Stone “Who In The Funk Do You Think You Are” (GCE)
Heavy Theme featuring Vincent Montana Jr, Led Zeppelin,
Meco, Konk, Grateful Dead, Katmandu and Studio One.
The 5 Points Gang “Faraway” (uNYted)
Zimpala “Vibin’ Fiesta” Playin’ 4 the City Mix (Fantomas)
Lindstrom “Roma e6 7825” (Feedelity)
DJ Shine Vs. Teknostep “First Snow” (Nice&Smooth)
Mayaku “Changing Shape” (Outer Gaze)
Stranger & Capt. Delicious “Tea & Anti-Depressants” (Rong)
Leroy Hanghofer “PIN” Remix (Smash Hit)
ALTZ “Tune In” (Bearfunk)
Azymuth “Jazz Carnival” Global Communications Space Jazz Mix (Farout)
Random Factor “Ricochet” (2020 Vision)
David Parr “What Goes Around” Random Factor Mix (Stompa Phunk)
Art Of Noise “Chain Gang” (Polydor)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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