Heavy Rotation top speakers


Leo Young & Vincenzini with Mr. Angel “Kandinsky After Hours in Rome” (Pronto)
Maurice Fulton “Revenge Of The Orange” (Discfunction)
Cricco Castelli “Life Is Changing” (Aroma)
Dizzy and the DCL Project “Perfect Timing” (Doubledown)
Mayaku “Changing Shape” (Outer Gaze)
Cosmic Rocker Vs. Zeb “Hashish” (Codek)
Mateo & Matos “Sunshine ’96” (Henry Street)
Zimpala “Vibin’ Fiesta” (Fantomas)
Fred Everything “Forever” Dub (Bombay)
Dollby “Do It” Sax Mix (Groove On)
Nigel Hayes “Augustus” (Sunshine Enterprises)
The Blackbyrds “Do It Fluid” (Mastercuts)
Ferrara “Love Attack” (Midsong International)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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