Heavy Rotation top speakers


Bobby & Klein “Naughty” (Guesthouse)
Scrubfish & Laurence “Disco Papacy” (Spatula City) EDIT
Fabio Bacchini “Blue Light Jazz” RTHM Mix (Control)
Pao Mainro “Amazing” (Stovetop) EDIT
Mastiksoul “If You Don’t Have Funk I Lend You Some” (Evasive)
Phono Jones “Eastside Husslin” (Rhythmicity)
Jackin Box “Party Hype” (Llama Farms)
Homer Latham “OMG” (Missing Music)
Tom Special Interest “Let It Go” (Phobic)
Nathan G & Black Frog “Like The Jazz” (Salted)
Manuel Sahagun “Up The Hill” (Drop)
Smartdog “Dancing Moves” Ryan Kick Mix (Kolour)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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