Heavy Rotation top speakers


Average White Band “Same Feeling, Different Song” (Atlantic)
Pigbag “Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag” (Kaz)
Dick Dale “Ginza Ska-Pike” (Mastersong)
Beatfanatic “Disco Skank” (Soundscape)
Heavy “Rotation” (Theme)
DJ Harry “Aquarium Man” Stranger Dub (Rong)
Lordy “The Watchtower” Stevie Kotey Kosmik Dub (Bearfunk)
Barfly “This Ain’t The Place” Club Dub (Coco Machete)
3brotherstrong “Warning Track” (Care)
Dicky Trisco “Luv Daddy” (Deep Freeze)
Toby Tobias “Casinoboy” (Odori)
Adventures In Discoland “4Play” (Star Sixtynine)
Bazar “Hard To Find” (Basic)
Full Intention “Musique” (Ragbull)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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