Heavy Rotation top speakers


Andre Mathieu & Victor Vogel “Olympic Chimes” (Polydor)
Splash “When We Touch (Juju)” (The Hive)
Geraldine Hunt “Can’t Fake The Feeling” (Uniwave)
Karen Silver “Set Me Free” EDIT
Pierre Perpall “Them Changes” Instrumental (Solo)
Hydro “Stop Your Teasing” EDIT
U.N. “Get It On” EDIT
Montreal Sound “One More Time” EDIT
MTL Express “Disco City” EDIT
Kat Mandu “Don’t Stop Keep On” EDIT
Freddie James “Everybody Get Up And Boogie” EDIT
France Joli “Let Go” EDIT
Arduini “Itchy Witchy” Instrumental (Manhattan Formula)
Bombers “Pistolero” (West End)
Gino Soccio “Dancer” EDIT
Dogs Of War “Space Conqueror” EDIT
Blacklight Orchestra “From Genesis To Exodus” EDIT
Guy Lafleur “Skating” EDIT

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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