Heavy Rotation top speakers


Prins Thomas “Goettsching” (Full Pupp)
Bryan Jones “That Dro” (Olive)
The Sound Republic “Insomnia” (Control)
Jamanta Crew “I Wanna Dance” (Tango)
Bryan Jones “Chicago Jack” Sound Republic Mix (Control)
1200 Warriors “Dance With Me” (4kenzo)
Jazzy Eyewear “Such A Groove” (Lowdown)
Mastiksoul “Just A Feeling” (4kenzo)
Justin Harris “Words and Lies” (Classic)
Jeff Bloom “Slip Slip” (.dotbleep)
Mario Fabriani “Blow Dryer” (Jackin’ Tracks)
The Sound Republic “Party People” (Spatula City)
Rhibosome “Get Ready” (Freestyle)
Jamanta Crew “Certain Sounds” (Good Family)
Barfly “This Ain’t The Place” (Coco Machete)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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