Heavy Rotation top speakers


Olav Brekke & Sideshow Jogge “Gul Boss” (Beatservice)
Lordy “The Watchtower” Version Emperor Machine (Bearfunk)
Hollow Legs “Amber Gambler” (Drop)
Spettro & Thomas Sahs “Texas Toast” (Maya)
Beatfanatic “Disco Skank” (Soundscape)
Ray Mang “To And Fro” (Eskimo)
The Electronic Boogie Band “Weird Jazz” (Deep Freeze)
Souldrummers Vs. Cottage Alert “Dance Freak” Dub (Afro Art)
3brotherstrong “Warning Track” (Care)
The Innocent “Theme From Blue Cucaracha” Grooveyard Mix (After Midnight)
Mayaku “Tamiama Trail” (Wally’s Groove World)
Dubious “Cue This” (Prize)
Carlos Hernandez “Roller Giggle” Part 2 (Basenotic)
Quakerman “Non” (U-Star)
Nils Noa & Thomas Overas “Lappilapp” Phil Weeks Robsoul Mix (Beatservice)
Inland Knights “Clean Doubt” (Siesta)
Disco Thugz “Party In Paris” (Deep Freeze)
Stacy Kidd “Disco Mania 2” Translucent’s Disco Race 3000 Mix (Red Hot)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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