Heavy Rotation top speakers


West Street Mob “Break Dance Electric Boogie” (Sugarhill)
Beastie Boys “33% God” (Capitol)
Double Dee & Steinski “Lesson 3” (Tommy Boy)
DJ Food “Importance Of Body Rhythm” (Ninja Tune)
Young MC “Know How” Instrumental (Delicious)
James Brown “Can’t Get Any Harder” Universal Hip Hop Mix (Scotti Bros)
The Last Minister “Tribute To J.B. Family” (Rec In Pause)
Think Tank “Hack One” The Internet Worm Mix (Hakattak/Tommy Boy)
Silver Bullet “Bring Forth The Guillotine” D.J. Beats (Tam Tam)
Blender “Trouble Jazz” Funky Mix (Irma)
A Certain Ratio “Be What You Wanna Be” (A&M)
Company 2 “I’m Breaking Thru This” Instrumental (Tam Tam)
G Double E “Funky As A Funky Thing Can Get” (HUM)
Wee Papa Girls “The Bump” Hip-Hop Dub Mix (Jive)
Freaky Chakra “Trancendental Funk Bump” (Exist Dance)
Hiroshi Fujiwara “Bird 2” (Gimme 5)
Kenny Dope “Makin’ A Living” (Tu Chicks)
L.T.J. Sound Machine “Don’t Stop The Sax” (Irma)
The Dynamic Duo “In The Pocket” Hip Hop Mix (Nu Groove)
Master Freez “Feel Dat Funky Groove” Hip Hop Hard Instrumental (Onizom)
Trilogy “Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not” Clivilles & Cole Club Mix (Atco)
King For A Day “Kick That Rhythm” Part I (PWL)
Chad Jackson “Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked)” (Atco)
DJ Mink “Hey! Hey! Can U Relate” Hard Rap (Warp)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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