Heavy Rotation top speakers


SAMoooO “Hunting Beaver” (GAMM)
Kalle, Magnus & Daniel “Stakar Arthur” (Tamburn)
Alan Baratt “Full Circle” (Royal Drums)
Skin 4 “Love Dub” (Irma)
Beatfanatic “Disco Skank” (Soundscape)
Smahila and the S.B.s “Natural Points” Fischer P Remix (Afrodisiac)
Lascivious “She’s Here” Triangle Music Symphony (Wave)
Mudd “Adventures In Bicket Wood” Layne’s Head Stash Reroll (Rong)
Stevie Kotey “So Cheeky” (Bear Entertainment)
Chemise “She Can’t Love You” Instrumental (Lotus)
Harry Thumann “Underwater” Undercurent Edit (Mischief Brew)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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