Heavy Rotation top speakers


Your Favorite Dancer “It’s the lovers?” (Big Bear)
Toby Tobias “Casinoboy” Pedal Pressure Dub (Odori)
Kalle, Magnus & Daniel “Stakar Arthur” (Tamburin)
Toby Tobias “Swerve Dub” (Odori)
Hogi & DJ Nathan “Catch Me” (Care)
H-Foundation “So Fine” (Soma)
The Electronic Boogie Band “Weird Jazz” (Deep Freeze)
Azymuth “Jazz Carnival” G.C. Space Jazz Mix (Farout)
Lordy “The Watchtower” Version Emperor Machine (Bearfunk)
Woolfy “Oh Mistrumental” (Rong)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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