Heavy Rotation top speakers


France Harlow “Vol La Nuit” EDIT
Kat Mandu “The Kat Is Back” Instrumental (Manhattan Formula)
Judy B “Thank You” Instrumental (D.J.)
Reggie Simms “Over And Over” Instrumental (P.B.I.)
Peter King “Nite Life” EDIT
Fric “Erreur Erotique” Instrumental (D.J.)
Private Class “Danger In The Night” Instrumental (DBA)
Overdrive “Tekno Talk” (Attic)
Lime “On The Grid” EDIT
Pluton And Humanoids “World Invaders” Instrumental (V.S.)
Gino Soccio “Remember” EDIT
Lime “Angel Eyes” Dub EDIT
Nightlife Unlimited “Peaches & Prunes” (Uniwave)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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