Heavy Rotation top speakers


Michael Wilson “Groove It To Your Body” Instrumental (Prelude)
Chroma Oscura “Glow Worms” (Balihu)
Waxploitation “Acid Disco” (Tummy Touch)
Leo Young & Vincenzini “The Vincenzini Meteorite” (Pronto)
Crispin J. Glover & Tug “Quicksilver” Dub (Discfunction)
Boogie Corporation “Detubed” (2020 Vision)
Fresh N Low “La Coca Loca” (Deep Freeze)
Hakan Lidbo “Pajama Party” Larner & Hogan’s Mix (Muzique Boutique)
The Littlemen “See Ya” (Nightshift)
Blinded Junkies “Feel The Funk” (Blinded)
Mayaku “Tamiama Trail” (Wally’s Groove World)
Todd Terje “Mjondalen Diskoklubb” (Full Pupp)

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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