Heavy Rotation top speakers


Gino Vannelli “People Gotta Move” (A&M)
Alma Faye Brooks “Don’t Fall In Love” EDIT
Caroline Bernier “(Love) I Don’t Wanna Hear About It” EDIT
Dennis Dean “I Feel It” EDIT
The Erotic Drum Band “Action 78” EDIT
Francine McGee “Delerium” Robert Ouimet Mix (RCA)
Hydro “I’ll Be Good To You” EDIT
Jeancy “Reservation” EDIT
Kat Mandu “The Break” EDIT
Lime “Agent 406” (Matra)
Mother (F) “Hot Wax” (Matra)
Nightlife Unlimited “Just Be Yourself” EDIT
Punkin Machine “I Need You Tonight” EDIT
Vera “Take Me To The Bridge” EDIT
Voggue “Sun Struck Lovers” Instrumental (Matra)
Tanya Jackson “Pillow Talk” INTRO
Project “Love Rescue” EDIT

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Heavy Rotation bottom speakers

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